Get your personalized .ae Email,Email Aliases and Subdomains using any of the below domain names.

Why would you use an email alias?
  1. You don't want to disclose your personal email online.
  2. You need a temporary email address.
  3. Using an email alias (or multiple ones) means that you never have to switch between email accounts.
  4. You can use an email alias to hide your name and therefore protect the identity in your main email address.
  5. You can use an email alias to replace a lengthy main email address with a simpler, shorter one that's easier to remember and type.
    we allow one character email aliases.
  6. You can use a topic-specific email alias to replace a main email.
  7. You can automatically have all incoming messages from an email alias sent to a specific folder or labeled in your main email address to help keep them
  8. separate or easily identifiable from your other messages.
  9. You can automatically forward all incoming mail from an email alias to junk or spam once you no longer need to check messages from it.
  10. You can remove the email alias once you have no further use for it and avoid receiving any incoming mail that might be sent to it.
Why would you need a subdomain:
  1. Online presence:
    1. Personal blog
    2. Online cv
    3. Anything you would do otherwise with a primary domain.
  2. DDNS!
    Most ISPs offer dynamic IP to their customers, every time you connect your recieve a new IP. This is not ideal for those of us who want setup game servers or want to connect back to their home network.
    with DDNS you can set your router to periodically update with you home/office IP.
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